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Considered one of the country’s premier cultural institutions, the India International Centre is a non-government institution widely regarded as a place where statesmen, diplomats, policymakers, intellectuals, scientists, jurists, writers, artists and members of civil society meet to initiate the exchange of new ideas and knowledge in the spirit of international cooperation. Its purpose, stated in its charter, was ‘to promote understanding and amity between the different communities of the world’. In short, the Centre stands for a vision that looks at India as a place where it is possible to initiate dialogues in an atmosphere of amity and understanding.

The Centre’s dedication to the values of liberal humanism is best reflected in its activities and calendar of events. These cover a wide range, from lectures, seminars, panel discussions, international and national conferences to a variety of cultural events of music, cinema, performing and visual arts, both classical and folk. Entry to these is not restricted to members as all its programmes are open to the wider public of the city.

YAIFF will be held in the the C.D. Deshmukh Auditorium with a seating capacity of the 230 persons.

Website: http://www.iicdelhi.nic.in/Home.aspx?TypeID=1030



GreenHatters takes the initiative to set out on a journey to create and enable sustainable action. We seek to improve the environment by providing an everlasting safer and cleaner planet for future generations. Protecting the environment is an urgent issue that requires immediate mediation. 

Website: http://www.greenhatters.com/



Collage Teleimages Pvt. Ltd. conceives, develops, creates and produces Audio-Visual, Videos and interactive content for various ends uses. These range from Training and Skill development for business growth, Marketing Communications, Employee Orientation, Customer Education, Public Service Communications, Process Documentation, Audience Specific Infotainment, Education, Social Empowerment and other related communication aimed at behaviour change.

Website: http://www.collage.in/index.html


Daya Foundation is a Center for guiding people towards the inclusive holism required for managing intermingling agendas in audio visual formats to match the rules, roots and regulations for envisaging specific conversations to serve life. Our goal is to mix and merge facts with fancies to reach out to different people through multi-focal images set in episodic story lines for understanding task management during different kind of situated encounters. We seek all around growth in locales to manage sets of partnerships as language usages for making dynamic appeal by animating inner urges for creating external conventions framed as socially established policies. We pursue the sociology of learning as holistic studies in multi purpose theme based images for designing the many languages that fuse to form powerful learning experiences.

Website: http://http://dayafoundationindia.com/