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10 November 2017
C.D. Deshmukh Auditorium, India International Center, Max Mulleur Marg, New Delhi



10 am

Inauguration lighting of the lamp.

10.15 am

Introducing Shri Ravi Batra, veteran 84 year old animator, and screening his Stop Motion Animation Films made 45 years ago

A trip/voyage to the moon

The yellow submarine

10.30 am

Introducing Shri Gurpal Singh and screening “Bapu”, his series of Stop Motion Animation Films made by children inspired by Mahatma Gandhi

Victory by non-cooperation
Green Friendship
Simple Living
Brave Hearted
The little mouse

11.00 am

Demo Presentation: Making your own animation films by Nitin Donde

1-2 pm

Lunch Break

2 pm

Students of the Stop Motion Animation Workshop show their art works and talk about the animation films they are making

3 pm

Screening of Animation films made by children of the world

Scribble by Margaret Orr
Got Flowers Today by JIBRIL MAILAFIA
Kalo(Black) By Utsav Production
When angels smile or the tale of rebel bald by Hicham Elladdaqi
Park fun by Xevarp Namni
Mysterious clay by Xevarp Namni
The search for the lost family by Isolde Asal
The Station by serdar ├žotuk
Swan Lake by Ali Nikfar
For the Love of a Cat by Tehzeeb Khurana
Children of the World by Tehzeeb Khurana
Cigi by Tehzeeb Khurana
Lost in Smoke by Tehzeeb Khurana
Eraser Dude (Swachh Bharat) by Tehzeeb Khurana
Go Green by Tehzeeb Khurana
Stop Deforestation by Tehzeeb Khurana
Egyptian Clans by Tehzeeb Khurana
Mr. Grumpledump's Song by Tehzeeb Khurana
Every Child Matters by Tehzeeb Khurana
iRONY by Radheya Jegatheva
The Naughty Cat By Prabhav Mathur
The Stone Fish by Pranav Mathur

7 pm

Award ceremony